Where to buy MUM deodorant



POSTED BY pmc (6 yrs ago)
Anyone seen MUM deodorant for sale in HK recently. It used to be in supermarkets until about 2 years ago but I can't find it recently. I bought some in Australia 6 months ago also just in their supermarket so the company is still producing it, it's just annoying like so many other things it's disappeared from HK shops. Who says you can buy anything in HK - that used to be true but not the case now as high rents and mainland money begin to affect our society daily.


roger9999 (6 yrs ago)
Go to TST and on the first floor of Chungking Mansion is an Indian shop named "Morning Star" ...it has been there 30 years with ALL kinds of perfumes and deodorants including many "Mum" products . He is a wholesale supplier to HK merchants and I buy my preferred brand of aftershave there and perfume for my wife . Excellent variety & value .

pmc (6 yrs ago)
oh this is great thank you so much roger9999!!

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