Looking to play basketball



POSTED BY Diana20 (6 yrs ago)

I am new in HK, looking for basketball pick up games. Placed in Mid levels, but can move around.

Anyone knows something?


vantbaker (6 yrs ago)
go to wan chai mtr exit b southorn playground there are pick up games every day

katherinenslee (6 yrs ago)
Diana20- Have you had any luck in finding a group? I'm trying to find a men's group for someone and was wondering if you could help out. Let me know, thanks!

Compass2011 (6 yrs ago)
@katherineslee, hi, I have also just moved to hk and have been playing pickup basketball almost everyday at the aforementioned southorn playground. Lots of people playing on several courts. I'm one of the few white guys, but nobody cares. It's a good time. Please pass along. Cheers.

Octbday (18 mths ago)
Hi, you can message me, I know 5 basketball playground in HK.

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