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POSTED BY peteasiax (6 yrs ago)
I'm in debt up to my eyeballs after a loss of a business and health issues which stops me from working full time.

The small business was running fine until the developer started renovating and push my old clients out of the area.

I would like to ask ...

First, I have no money for legal advice. Is there any place I can get free legal advice on bankruptcy in HK?

Next, I understand the consequences but how do I start applying? From this site it's list what will happen but I'm unsure step by step how to go about doing this:

Also, I understand some of the consequences. They say I'm unable to do some professions. I'm a language teacher, will this affect me when I apply for a public job?

In the case study, I'm also unable "travel by taxi" Does that mean that if I'm caught then I may get prosecuted?

They do list basic info but a full range would be good to look at.

If you can help, I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!


bethshaw28 (6 yrs ago)
I would like to ask ...

Yes hong kong has free legal advice ,

Application can be done by yourself , there are steps you would need to take

Are you bankrupt personal or business .bankrupt will not affect your teaching job at all.

"travel by taxi" if u caught then u may get prosecuted but you would get a warning and also an explanation , taxi travel is sort of permitted .

PM me if need more info , with contact info

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