Coming to HK for 2 weeks



POSTED BY Bruceybonus (6 yrs ago)

having lived previously in hk for just over a year and moved back to uk for a little while. I find myself missing HK, so i'm heading back for a little break...

can anyone recommend a good place to stay, be it a serviced apt or guest house etc thats nto going to cost me any more than 6k for 2 weeks

my only stipulation is that you dont have a shower whilst sitting on the loo! i.e i prefer a separate shower unit...

if any one has good suggestions, i'm looking in the cwb, wanchai, kowloong, hung hom, jordan sort of areas and and im not interested in chunking mansions!

hope some one can help




Ed (6 yrs ago)
Perhaps a share apt?

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