English speaking tour to China



POSTED BY GemmaW (6 yrs ago)
Hi, I have a friend from Australia who will be visiting HK for a week - in mid June.

She'd like to go into China.

I am trying to find her an english speaking tour that doesn't require that she travels with a partner.

Can someone help?



chokolate (6 yrs ago)
Hi you can contact my travel agent her email address is neelu@excellatravel.com

she will be able to help you

Noodlesz (6 yrs ago)
If you friend doesn't mind getting to China herself, she can book cheap tours with guides and transport once arrived. The hotels can help obtain tours for much cheaper when you are in the mainland. Or you can search the travel forums around the web for guides others have used.

You can probably daily hire a car & driver for 500 RMB and a guide for a couple hundred more.

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