POSTED BY Mac12 (6 yrs ago)
What do most expats do for water in their houses. Does a filter work or do most get bottled water ?


cara (6 yrs ago)
we use tap water for cooking and either boiled water or bottled water for drinking. my kids drink the boiled water, but i don't like the taste, so i drink bottled water.

after 17 years, i can safely say, the water here has never made me sick.

sellmystuffhk (6 yrs ago)
We have a filter system installed on our kitchen sink for drinking water. It is one of the best purchases we have made here. It is from Lifesolutions. They come regularly to change the filter on a yearly maintenance contract.

Ken A (6 yrs ago)
We used to just boil our water, and then let it cool. We've recently just bought one of those philips 4 (or 5 can't remember) stage filters that attaches to any tap (we got that since the baby was born). Seems to work well and the slight taste to the water that was there before has since gone.

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