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POSTED BY seaurchin66 (6 yrs ago)
We are considering a move to Larvotto. Anyone living ther? I don't have a car and am used to minibuses and buses .any advice is welcome.


seaurchin66 (6 yrs ago)
Thanks for your reply

AsiaKid (6 yrs ago)

Just bought an apt there and am moving there in about a month. In terms of transport, I think as long as you aren't doing the daily commute to central, I think you should be fine. If you are, I think getting on a bus will be difficult, though i know there is a minibus downstairs that go straight to cwb..and i think it runs every 20 or 30 minutes..cant remmeber..but its main stop is right where the new nursery is. If you are considering, for rent at least, I suggest u rent sooner than later, it is definitely getting more filled up.

I thought i was about 1/3rd full too..or even less, but the other day i was playing tennis at the aberdeen tennis center and was facing larvotto...lots more light than i wasnt drastically different from SWT. I think the low rent price has everyone coming in, so there should be a slight creep up in rental. I am hoping i can buy a car space before it gets out of hand.

seaurchin66 (6 yrs ago)
My offer has just been accepted so I am probably moving into Larvotto in a month. I in fact did the commute from central by bus its not bad at all about 15 mins through the tunnel.

Nkhoo (6 yrs ago)
I am also considering Larvotto. I will be relocating to HK end of May. Will be working at CWB. Will most likely get a car for my daily commute to work.

Larvotto seems to be further away from most amenities. Concern that my wife has to walk quite a distance with our baby in order to shop for groceries or food during the day time when I am at work.

Seaurchin66, can you kindly provide a review once you move into Larvotto?

kt911csl (6 yrs ago)
Doing groceries? this is my problem for months now. There are few places that u can go but not in short walking distance. If your wife don't drive, she can take the free taxi provided by the management to and from CWY or Aberdeen Market, it runs every 40 mins or so. However, in exchange for that, they will enjoy the club house a lot and the food. Not so convenient place, but great club house, be aware that if you are going to CWY, you better leave by 7:45 in the morning before the heavy traffic kicks in or after 9:30 am.


Nkhoo (6 yrs ago)
kt911csl, thanks for the information. I am considering between Larvotto and Serenade. Planning to send my child to Singapore International School and I am working in Causeway Bay. That is the reason for considering these 2 apartments. At this point in time, I am more incline to choose Serenade due to the commute and the easier access to amenities such as groceries.

seaurchin66 (6 yrs ago)
Actually there is a big Park and Shop and a wet market at South Horizons a short taxi ride away($20). I also take the bus 97 to come to Wan Chai market . Really not that bad for groceries as I order for my other essentials online.

kpelszyn (5 yrs ago)
We just moved to Larvotto last month and absolutely LOVE it. We moved from repulse bay so def understand the concerns of grocery shopping and restaurants, but all the grocery stores deliver, so the only things that I need to go the store for are daily staples if i run out like eggs and milk that I can send my helper to do. The space for what you pay for is amazing, the club is great (minus the weird pool hours), and the view never gets old. I work in NT and my husband works in Central. They now have a shuttle that runs on the hour to take you directly to Central, but we leave for work around 6am to go to the gym first and never have a problem finding a taxt. Yes it's a short walk to get to the bus station but there are so many buses that come to the road just above, so transportation is everywhere. We are still figuring out everything but so far the whole family (two kids- 3 and 5) are in love with this new development.

seaurchin66 (5 yrs ago)
@Sellenger Agreed! but I love living in Larvotto hope the rent doesnt get too crazy next year.

melandiker (4 yrs ago)
we are moving in larvotto in about a month,

anyone knows how much a parking space costs?

do you know of any spot to park a scooter near by?

thank you for your help

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