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POSTED BY folder (6 yrs ago)
I have a boy who is in his late teen. He has an affair with a girl. I tried to talk to the girl parents.They didn't response properly. They didn't want to talk to me. Both of them still proceeding, meeting and spending time together without the girl's parents notice.

Now i am telling my son to choose either inform them and let both the parents agree or leave it. But he says that just leave him like this and he will decide later what to do. Moreover he is advising me that since he is a boy nothing going to happen to him. So i should ignore. Every day battle going on. What should i do? similar situation happened to anyone? We are not local people and we are small group of ethinic minority.


cara (6 yrs ago)
he's a teenager with a girlfriend?

what is the problem? if his girlfriend's parents don't want to talk to you, then obviously they are ok with it.

i don't really understand what the problem is....why is it a battle? he's growing up... it's natural.

folder (6 yrs ago)
I donot understand if girls parent donot want to talk to me means they are ok with it? I so far think the other way.

cara (6 yrs ago)
if the parent's wanted to talk to you about it, it would be because they have a problem with it....just like you have a problem with it...

i really don't understand why a teenage boy can't have a girlfriend? isn't that part and parcel of growing up?

cookie09 (6 yrs ago)
assuming this boy is not like 10 years old, OP soudns like a control freak. let him be, he needs to learn. the other parents probably think that way and have educated their girl to be vigilant. hence no need to talk to you

malka (6 yrs ago)
My eyes big as saucers reading this...

There is nothing to talk about really unless the kids wish to introduce both sides and even then, do not interfere, just get to know them.

Are you worried because they are having a sexual relationship or might be? You should educate your son about legal age, STDs, preventive measures and responsibility should she get pregnant, it is not only her problem but both families will be affected.

If you have conservative values that say once boy-girl date, their parents should have a say, then rethink as society is changing and it appears your son can handle his own affairs. Relax.

turtle1 (6 yrs ago)
a teenage boy has a girlfriend - the problem is what?

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