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POSTED BY jordan-hongkong (6 yrs ago)

I left Hong Kong a few months ago with a debt of around 8000hkd for NowTv after some scandalous dealings arose on their part, when I tried to cancel initially, they tried charging me 3000hkd for the satellite box for example, a fee which I found unacceptable given it wasn't in the contract. When I left I didn't have any immediate plan to return so ill advisedly spurned their advances. I'm pretty sure the debt was transferred to a collection agency and I was contacted as such.

I have since been offered another job in the area and am keen to take it. However I would like to know if these discrepancies would show up on my criminal record or would in anyway show up during visa processing. I would be annoyed at having to back down but feel it's necessary given my desire to move back to the area. I need to know if it would even be possible to get work in Hong Kong in the first place in order for me to pay it back.

Many thanks in advance for your time.


cookie09 (6 yrs ago)
in 12 years i have not heard of anyone who had visa issues due to a private contract dispute. no issues in my opinion

JJChan (5 yrs ago)
Although I sympathise with you having to deal with Now TV their service is somewhat lacking, I would suggest pay the outstanding debt or try to work out a settlement then apply for your visa. Its not worth loosing a job over.

Nobby15 (5 yrs ago)
I have a colleague who left HK owing more than that to NowTV, he never paid it off and has since returned to HK to work and had no problems with his visa. The debt is not a criminal issue so it will not be an issue.

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