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POSTED BY David27 (5 yrs ago)
My father died a couple of years ago.

He was divorced and left no will.

He lived in my country, and, from time to time, traveled abroad.

I, as his only son, receive a letter of administration in my country.

As far as know, he left a bank account in HK, but no property.

I would to file for an Administration in HK.

How much would a solicitor usually charge for handling such a case?

As can be inferred, this is a simple and uncontested case.

Thank you


associates (5 yrs ago)
[UPDATE] Please note that fee quotes stated in historic postings may be out-of-date.

If the deceased passed away in one of the following countries under section 49 and Schedule 2 of the Probate and Administration Ordinance (Cap.10) (i.e. the Australian States of Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia and the Northern Territory of Australia; New Zealand; Singapore, Sri Lanka, and United Kingdom), the administrator can obtain a re-sealing of the foreign grant in Hong Kong. Otherwise, the administrator has to apply a fresh grant in Hong Kong.

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