passport and child support



POSTED BY malka (5 yrs ago)
Check if he is on the list o the Dept of Health and Human Services.


malka (5 yrs ago)
Means if owe $2500 or more, contact State involved, work out pmt plan, to be off the list before US govt will issue passport.

malka (5 yrs ago)
Go here and click the state where he owes child support then follow other links or contact them about his case:

malka (5 yrs ago)
You're welcome :)

I think your husband had best contact the agency himself for such specific questions.

mmibaby1 (5 yrs ago)
Hi there, since we r in HK and pretty hard to get a good lawyer as we tried and no response. Any options or suggestions? Thanks again

zoe cat (5 yrs ago)
I am sorry to hear that... 5 years?

My husband is a US passport holder living in HK, ignoring Singapore high court order of child maintenance for 3 years.


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