A maid travelling with a child by herself



POSTED BY working mom in hong kong (5 yrs ago)
I am travelling to Europe for work for 2 weeks, and trying to combine it with holidays for kids. Would anybody have any experience/know if a Philipina maid can travel out of HK with my4 year old son to meet me in Amsterdam airport (transit area) and then go back to HK. I am assuming she will not need a visa for a transit area, but I am wondering if there are any letters/permissions that I should prepare for her. Not sure where to start looking. Would appreciate your advice.


mavy11 (5 yrs ago)
Check with the country's respective consulate. For Canada, there is a huge host of documents to fill out as we take our helper back each summer.

Good luck.

malka (5 yrs ago)
Yes talk to the consulate as well as the airline you plan to fly with. Different countries have their own requirements for transit these days, esp with terrorist threats, they have become stricter.

Wouldn't it be simpler to get her a visa?

How will you get to the transit area as this is technically past immigration for someone boarding a flight?

working mom in hong kong (5 yrs ago)
Thanks a lot for your replies. Have called the Dutch consulate: seems that it will be easier for me to fly back to HK than to get a visa for a helper. I am not Dutch that complicates matters as well.

kakamummy (5 yrs ago)
How about hire a travel nanny?

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