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POSTED BY JollyBee (5 yrs ago)
Hi, can u buy a visa on the spot just to visit Shenzhen? If so, how much pls?

We have one HK (non permanent) ID card holder and one UK passport holder with a non-active HK ID (from when she lived here before).



jackychen (5 yrs ago)
f you are travelling here and planning a trip into Shenzhen you will need to obtain a tourist visa. Your travel agents will be able to assist you with getting a visa, another alternative is to apply to direct to the China Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong. Thirdly you can aquire your visa at the border.

malka (5 yrs ago)
cost depends on what kind of passport - google it.


scroll down to shenzhen visa on arrival - don't know how updated it is

Muffinz (5 yrs ago)
Hi JollyBee,

You can purchase a visa at the border for Shenzhen Commercial District only-seems weird tho' offloading at border and you havent got a visa but very easy to arrange when you are there. Need to go up an escalator to apply for the visa. Funny thing is UK passport holders are charged more for the visa!. I cannot remeber the cost but so much cheaper than organising single trip visa from China Travel or other agents. Highly recommend this way!

JollyBee (5 yrs ago)
Tks all. We're going to give it a whirl tomorrow. Will post a comment with up-to-date details, provided we make it back :)

JollyBee (5 yrs ago)
Well made it there - and back :)

My wife has a UK passport and a dependent visa stamp to stay in HK. The whole process was easy and cheaper than a full China visa. We went up the escalator just before the mainland immigration desks - I think the ceiling sign said 'Port Visa' or something. It took 5 mins only. We filled in one short form and had the choice of paying RMB 304 or HKD 390. That gave us a 5-day, Shenzhen only, single entry trip. Would do it again. Not sure though if my son would get in. He's too old to have a dependent visa. Altho I suspect he probably would. Tks for your answers.

notmyaisle (5 yrs ago)
You don't need any HK visa to get a Shenzhen visa if you have a UK passport so your son would be fine. My parents visited from UK and had no problems getting a border visa.

maz27 (5 yrs ago)
Just in case anyone reading this is US citizen, Can anyone update whether US citizens can buy visa at border?

Beermoney (5 yrs ago)
Call them and ask! I called this morning and confirmed they do not issue for Philippine passport holders but don't know about US passports. Number is +86 75582327700 when they answer just say "English" and then hold until someone comes to the phone. They were very helpful.

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