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POSTED BY Keryn (13 yrs ago)
My family are visiting from the UK soon and need to stock up on nappies. In the UK the baby's wearing Pampers Active Fit Maxi size 4, but when I went to the supermarket today they're sized S, M, L & XL - can anyone help as I don't know what weight he is?


jot (13 yrs ago)
The HK Pampers are quite different to the UK ones. If you want the same nappies you are best to go to Bumps to Babes (they stock the UK ones). They are a bit pricey.

If you do buy the HK ones you will probably need the L (9-14kgs) The Premium are slightly better than the ordinary ones. Though they say 'Active Fit' on the pack they are very different. This is what my 14 month daughter has.

Good Luck

Keryn (13 yrs ago)
Thanks, will take a trip to Bumps to Babes.

spare_rib_hk (13 yrs ago)
Its true..Pampers fit in HK is very different to other countries. I find the Premium Pampers fit to be smaller than ordinary pampers makes. I would advise you to buy just one pack of Large pampers & when the baby arrives at HKG, you will have a better idea of what is the right size. Best of luck!

dsabline (13 yrs ago)
Pampers in HK: size S = 2, M = 3, L = 4, XL = 5. I find the pampers in HK are good except for the one in the red bags.

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