Metal detector is harmful?



POSTED BY sambillings (11 mths ago)
I have read many articles and blogs about the metal detectors. I was continuously traveling one city to another city. And also anyone tells me which metal detector is best for treasure hunting.
I plan my trip to Miami and I think it's the best place for treasure hunting.



JennyTalia (11 mths ago)
I bet that 99.999% of any buried "Pieces of Eight" or Doubloons on the beaches have long since been discovered.

Thankfully I never found anything "interesting" when I wielded my metal detectors from the Middle East Military. Perhaps just as well I didn't try it in a designated landmine field!

My opinion, if you REALLY MUST buy a metal detector, then a "cheap" one won't be much worse that one co$ting ~10 times as much.

Just remember, A fool & his/her money is easily parted.

sambillings (11 mths ago)
Thank you very much for the help.
My one friend recommend Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector for treasure hunting I also read a blog about this metal detector here: what's your opinion about this metal detector.
I really appreciate your interest.


JennyTalia (11 mths ago)
The one BIG drawback of metal detecting - as far as I was concerned - was the absolute NECESSITY of hauling around a pick & shovel to discover some dross-like object hidden underground!

It's pointless knowing "something" is beneath your detector head if you can't excavate it !!

It's been 40+ years since I had to use - and fix - "Land-Mine detectors" - and I've forgotten almost everything about them.

I'd say "forget it" unless you really want to be chagrinned at paying thro' the nose for something which - very likely - won't provide any financial return - except to the seller.

If you really want to get "results" - get one that provides the largest signal into the earth - BUT remember the deeper the response, the further you have to dig to discover it was some worthless dross. <Grin>.

sambillings (11 mths ago)
Thanks for your reply.
I really appreciate your effort.


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