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POSTED BY danielevans (12 yrs ago)
i am looking to buy a computer very soon - I have heard that it is better (and cheaper) to have one assembled by a small specialist than to buy a cpu from one the more well known manufacturers eg dell, HP etc

Is this true firstly, how much would it cost to have a good/top spec bespoke cpu made and where from?


Mighty (12 yrs ago)
I know its cheaper to buy at those shops, but how about the after service. Recently I bought a Sony laptop and their technical support is 24x7. So far I have been calling them for about 10 times now. Every time the staff was patient and solved my problem. May be people in this forum most of the time are poeple who are good at computer. For me, I still find the after service far more important than just the price. PCCW is offering quite a good one at their shops @only 6000 (LCD monitor of course). Fortress offers interest free instalments as well. So a lot of choices...

Mighty (12 yrs ago)
Agree COMPAG is a big no no.

ldldjr (12 yrs ago)
As someone who cut their teeth on punch cards, and still has my beloved CP/M Kaypro, and having been flamed in this forum for daring to mention the "MS Knowledge Base" and GASP, asking newibes to USE IT (????!!!) I ask you, who cares if Compaq or any other branded computer uses or does not use "standard" components? The technically challenged won't be able to do anything when the time comes. And a motherboard and other component swap may be in the works anyway after the warrenty expires.

When I did a stint at MS tech support I learned, through the (GASP) KB that there were lots of brand name PCs that had "issues", and Compaq is not among the names that come to mind when I think about "problem" pcs.

For a technically challenged buyer, go with a good brand name, and ideally a 3-year warranty. By the time the warranty expires you should have gotten some needed knowledge, the hardware will be "antique", and you need to upgrade anyway - or better yet build your own - it isn't that difficult, and it is fun - if you are so inclined. If not, get another 3-year warranty box.

Buy from a local parts shop, remember, they may not be there next week, let alone next year!

mcevans (12 yrs ago)
I got mine in wc for about 5 grand. The pc is ok but a bit slow. Also two of the usb sockets crashes from time to time and the first dvd rom them gave me used to eat cds. The main problem i had with it was that it kept locking up all the time. I sent it back to the shop twice, had them come round and they basically weren't interested and tried to fobb me off with bullsh*t excuses.

In the end I bit the bullet opened it up adn rearranged the motherboard and now it is fine. Just a little slow, when i get my next one it will be badged.

allok (12 yrs ago)
If you look for good post-sale service, buy one from vendor. Don't buy it from Acer. I will recommend DELL. (I have no connection with any supplier.)

If you look for best compatibility/flexibility, buy one from WC, SSP. But, please understand that there are a lot of "not so honest" shops. I will recommend you to try the Videocomm at WC or SSP. Morevoer, you ought to know the characterstics of the Motherboard .... Some components have bad reliability, compatibility etc.

Personally I "assembly" my own computers.

Mac-010 (12 yrs ago)
If you need support; buy brand name. If you want best bang for the buck; buy from Wan chai computer centre etc.

The dell, HP and so on offer less for money but relativelly well working systems and hardware that works together.

danielevans (12 yrs ago)
any ideas about price? i know its a piece of string question, but for an 'assembled' cpu (inc monitor, keyboard etc) with top specifications. is it on a par with uk prices?

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