Small Freelance business tax - hire an accounting or DIY



POSTED BY scorpio01 (9 mths ago)
accountants for a small firm usually charge 6-10K, not much money but if u know accounting then certainly can be done yourself.


Jakob12 (9 mths ago)
Hi Samskpun, my wife is an accountant with 10+ years experience. She has recently resigned from her job to take care of our children, but is looking for part-time jobs. PM me if you are interested and we can discuss further. Cheers.

samskpun (9 mths ago)
I quote an local firm ( ) and it is around 8k. Not trying to be cheap but i think i can get better deal somewhere else!

scorpio01 (9 mths ago)

ill whatsapp u soon as well

Jakob12 (8 mths ago)
My wife is too busy right now. She will only have time from September, when the kids go to school. Can you please delete my phone no. (in case some wacko sends me spam) and feel free to message me from September?


fatfatsalad (8 mths ago)
Hi Samskpun,

I am a accountant with 5 years experience and take up small companies freelance accounting jobs sometimes. PM me if you want to discuss more :)

lammaexpat (35 days ago)
Hi Jacob,

May we speak about your wife doing a US TAX RETURN?or assisting us?

Its September and hoping she has some free time


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