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POSTED BY samsonight (8 mths ago)
What's the latest on getting a Visa from the goons at the China Resources Building?
The last time I applied (2009) they wanted a record of all previous visits. Just wondering if it's a bit simpler these days.
I have a permanent ID card


JennyTalia (8 mths ago)
They are still BarStewards !!!

Earlier this year: They forced me to cough up for brand-new - up to the minute - passport pix, and another copy of my HKID done in their Nest of Vipers, and then forced a payment of HK$1,200 for a three year visa - and this after having lived in HK for 40 years *&* having a HK Chinese spouse, & daughter fluent in Cantonese & Mandarin.

In previous times I was forced to fill in a new form solely 'cos the form I'd had squirreled away the previous time was now "obsolete".

Just download and print out the form and just overload them with the documentations that they demand.

I'd have loved to have told the Commie girl to stick the papers up where the sun don't shine, but I desisted - solely 'cos I knew that I'd soon HAVE to go the village burial ceremonies of my Father-in-Law along with my spouse & relatives - who all traveled on "Home Return" permits.

samsonight (8 mths ago)
Thanks, Jenny. One of the best replies I've read in a while!

GOLFINGROB (8 mths ago)
If it helps I got my 3 yr Visa through the service in Mong Kok, very efficient and no hassle

Despite being a Brit (and we have to pay HK$3500 for a 3yr Visa!!) it was all ok

TRHongKong (8 mths ago)
Very curious as well as to how apply for a Chinese tourist visa, ideally I would like to apply for a multi entry visa valid for at least 2 the process as simple as downloading the forms on the Chinese website mentioned in the OP? (btw I have both Australian and UK passports). Thanks

JennyTalia (8 mths ago)
Also CHECK if tendering an Oz Passport gets you a lower co$t Commie Visa.

Also AFAIK, you must have held a longer term HK ID card before they deign to grant you any loooonger-term Commie Visa.

Topol (8 mths ago)
Permanent HKID card are eligible for 3y multi-entry visa .. cost is variable depending on your passport. I have UK passport so around HK$3,500.

Tourist visa available for single and double entry (valid 6months) price varies depending on your passport. Double entry visa valid for 6months on UK passport is HK$900-ish

Topol (8 mths ago)
PS. I did pick one up at the Shenzhen border recently for HK$300-ish but comes with restrictions ie. can only stay in Shenzhen, only available to certain passports, price probably varies.

Runner (4 mths ago)
I did mine at Forever Bright Travel in Mandarin Plaza, East TST, a few days ago. Three years visa cost HK$2,520 for a British passport. HK$40 also for the passport photograph which they took there and then. It was a fairly straight-forward process.

joseph45 (4 mths ago)
iam hk permanent resident how will i get china visa but iam using south africa passport..

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