disposing of broken washing machine and dryer



POSTED BY adze (12 yrs ago)
Does anybody know how the hell I can get rid of a broken washing machine and a separate dryer? They are both large and heavy. Who can I call?



adze (12 yrs ago)
Thanks, but no need! There is an old couple in my building (about 180 years in total), responsible for the cleaning, who took the machines off my hand for 300 bucks.

kissy.missy (7 yrs ago)
i need to get rid of my ibook g4 and microwave which aren't working anymore. i saw someone putting a thread saying that they buy and collect old stuff. i can't seem to find it anymore...or maybe i'm just being lazy hehehehe

if anyone knows about this "someone" then i'd really appreciate if you can pass me his/her contact details.


Philly Cheese (7 yrs ago)
There are usually these guys that sit by the side of the road with placards - they will take used electronics off u either working or not. This is a real old thread.

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