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POSTED BY philip foo (12 yrs ago)
Does anyone know where I can learn boating and get a license to take a boat out to sea in Hong Kong? How much would it cost and what would be the process be like? I want to kearn something new. And not yachting.



Burgundy (12 yrs ago)
Not quite sure what sort of vessel you have in mind if "not a yacht" - powerboat? container ship? Anyway, here are some links to get you started.

CF (12 yrs ago)
You have to have a license before you can be in charge of an engined boat in HK waters. You need to sit 2 exams - master's and engineer's, or alternatively show the marine dept an equivalent qualification from another country. It is advisable to do a course before each exam to ensure you know the content covered in the exam. Most of the yacht clubs offer the courses, but there are other places too one mob in wanchai but the name escapes me - sorry! Each exam costs $515 and the courses are around about $1600 - $2000 each depending who you use.

kaysara (12 yrs ago)
Suggest you buy a copy of Fragrant Harbour there's usually a couple of ads in there for the courses, or be brave - buy the book and diy!

philip foo (12 yrs ago)
thanks for all the replies. I guess what I am looking for is someone to share his/her experience and advise me what would be the best and fun way to achieve my aim. I am looking at pleasure crafts, therefore the links sent by burgundy are very helpful. Thanks. I am also looking for some information on the process, CF did exactly that, thanks. And I am looking for alternatives to the HK yacht club for courses, Kaysara, you nailed it. I guess I would like to get some practical lessons and also was wondering if the license obtained in Hk works anywhere else? definitely looking to for more information and experiences.

kaysara (12 yrs ago)
Both myself and my 21 year old daughter just read the book, pitched up at the exam, ticked the boxes, and passed (following the advice from some old sea dog down at Tai Tam). If I did it again, I'd probably do a course - more fun than doing it on your own. Tommy Yu at Seadynamics will sort you out (, think he offers pracical courses too. Sadly there is no worldwide standard nor regognition of pleasure vessel certification, so when you move, you'll probably have to do it all again. Still its money in someone's pocket (just not yours though!).

daytoday (4 yrs ago)
I know these post are a little old but going to give this a shot anyway...

I am interested in buying a speed boat for wakeboarding, waterskiing etc... I would like to share the cost of a speed boat as all the fees can add up with a sensible person. If you are interested in sharing please contact me.

I am looking to spend around $50,000HKD but not in any rush to buy.

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