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POSTED BY joiegillera (7 mths ago)
Hi, My husband and I currently live in Tin Hau, But we are thinking of moving to yuen long, because we are having a baby soon, so we thought about the space and the rent will be better than living in a cramp area here in the HK side. but looking for houses to rent is really difficult, they dont usually reply to my whatsapp and they dont know how to speak english. do you guys have any idea on how to find a village house better and faster? Thanks in advance!


JennyTalia (7 mths ago)
I have NO answer to your question - *BUT* I suppose - you will find MORE mosquitoes & other biting insects, AND snakes up there. <Grin>

ABSN (7 mths ago)
Hello, Make a trip to Yuen Long and go to any of the property agency there. Most agents speak English in Hong Kong, especially ones working with large companies and are generally very helpful. You could also phone some of the reputable property agencies and tell them your requirements and they will connect to relevant person. In my experience going and personally walking into an agency in the area you are keen on works better. Websites like Gohome, squarefoot. Asiaxpat, Geoexpat etc have some listing from owners directly so you look into those as well.

Hope this helps.

gjcarey (7 mths ago)
I have used this guy in the past. Good service, nice guy. Mention my name (Geoff):


The area where his office is situated is a good place to start. Lots of new village houses springing up. It's next to Yuen Long Industrial Estate, but apart from the journey on the minibus (which goes direct to MTR station) to get there, you wouldn't know it. I was able to rent middle floor 700 sq ft for $8,500 plus $500 for car park.

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