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POSTED BY hkrcac (11 yrs ago)

I would like to get a feedback on the best ESF school on HK Island.There are quite ESF schools around - but which one is best reputed in terms of staff/academics/environment etc.



Yardie (11 yrs ago)
Primary or Secondary schools?

Primary schools are much the same as far as teachers are concerned (the teachers are generally very good across the primary schools) while 'academics' is difficult to quantify at primary level.

Bradbury has a good reputation for learning support and special educational needs.

Your choice will be restricted by where you live and perhaps by other considerations such as which primary feeds which secondary school.

hkrcac (11 yrs ago)

Thanks. I know that my choice would be according to the catchment area of the school - but we are planning to move houses some time this year. So I wanted to know which is the best of all the ESF schools so that I can try to move in that catchment area.

I would like to know more about the academics/environment etc. Other than Bradbury do you know of any other secondary ESF schools that are well reputed?


marieantoinette (11 yrs ago)
Bradbury is a junior school. If you're looking at ESF secondaries on the island, your choices are Island School, West Island School and South Island School. Place availability would probably be subject to the child(ren)s age(s). Before moving to a specific area, I would check on vacancies. As to each of their strengths and weaknesses, I think most parents prefer the one they're at, or they would have moved them!

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