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POSTED BY princess1234 (9 yrs ago)
You may call to 2774 4444

Cost for lory(large truck) HK$100 to HK200.

Cost for the van HK$50 to HK$100.

Boxes- get in wellcome supermarket for free.

Hope it will help your moving.


carmine (9 yrs ago)
I just moved an I was very happy with my movers. On time, responsible and honest.

Leave me a PM

Trade Winds (9 yrs ago)
Hello Expat Mover,

In 1991, I was a laid - off banker looking for a cheap local moving company with good English language capabilities. As I couldn't find one, I STARTED MY OWN called "Trade Winds," with specific attention to the "Self - Pay Expat."

Since the day I opened 20 years ago, I've been helping people like you with small and large local moves around HK. We provide "Van & Man," "Truck & Driver" or Full Packing & Moving services according to your needs. We also do storage and fully international relocations as needed.

Or you can just call me for boxes & packing materials / general moving questions. 2803-2561 or click here for quick & honest moving assistance.

Steve Dressler

Team NZ (8 yrs ago)
Hi All

I don't usually do this but I must give Trade Winds a promo.

We used their service 2 weeks ago and were very very happy, friendly helpful guys (very efficient) and reasonable prices. Having frequently used local vans with limited cantonese TW took the headache out of moving for us! Highly recommend them.

khyc2004 (8 yrs ago)
As a veteran "movee" who has used 3 different movers for 4 moves, I must wholeheartedly agree with Team NZ.

I used Trade Winds for my family's recent move from Pok Fu Lam to Discovery Bay. Unlike movers I've used in the past, the TW staff all spoke excellent English and were a jolly bunch. They went about the work efficiently and communicated with you when they came across possible problems, like existing defects in furniture. My move was supervised by the owner and proprietor, Steve, who kept me updated on the progress every hour or so.

Pricing-wise, TW delivered a clear estimate that caps the maximum bill and gave me ways to make the move cheaper. I chose to do my own packing, and was able to shave $1500 off the bill. I could've supplied my own packing supplies, too, except I don't know where to get boxes in Hong Kong. In addition, TW lays out all the possible hidden fees in their estimate -- like the DB parking/tunnel charges -- so there were no surprises. This was such a welcome change compared to my previous move, where the mover had the galls to ask me for $2000 extra in fees because they completed the work 5 hours late!!

And this was the most important thing: TW completed the move in an orderly, timely fashion. Discovery Bay has a policy of having all moving companies out by 6 pm, so TW finished the job by 5:30 pm, with time to spare. They didn't rush near the end and throw boxes into rooms, and they didn't hurry through the reassembly of furniture. Even though I didn't use TW for packing, their policy is to pack a day ahead of time to allow ample time for the move on the day of.

Without a doubt, Trade Winds is the best local mover I've ever used, and I would definitely call on these guys again.

hkxpat08 (8 yrs ago)
Trade-Winds recently moved me from Happy Valley to Sheung Wan. They provided absolutely one of the best moving experiences I have ever had. Steve, the owner, was friendly and accommodating when coordinating the logistics of the move. Steve even sent me boxes, tape and plenty of bubble wrap as I had opted to pack up everything myself. Once the movers arrived at the scheduled move time, everything was made extremely effortless for me as Steve and his movers were very pleasant, professional, experienced, organized and efficient. They packed and unpacked all of my belongings thoroughly; disassembled all the large furniture with expertise and efficiency; loaded and unloaded all of my belongings carefully and helped me set up the furniture as I desired in my new home. As an added bonus, they recycle all of their materials and are extremely environment conscious, which I found to be very appealing and rare for moving companies. In addition, Steve and the movers all speak English, so expats will not encounter any communication problems.

I highly recommend Trade Winds' moving service as THE best!!!!

If you're interested, below is their link, which provides more information:


Target Storage Limited (8 yrs ago)
We advertise on this site under Target Storage Limited (www.targetstorage.com.hk).

Call me at 2690 9833 for a free quotation on site.



Karen7385 (8 yrs ago)
Can someone please let me know the contact information for a man with a van? I am simply moving 1 block and will need a man to help me lift a few boxes (no furniture) and transport it to my new apt. Both places have lifts and no need for furniture. Thanks!

sona (8 yrs ago)
you may Call this person, 62336029 for small scale moving, i have a used once in move 10-15 boxes,thanks

mmmaggie (8 yrs ago)
You may try DaDa Mover. I used them once and I think they are quite efficient.

You can contact Tommy at M: 9432 8762 for quotation.


DBLACK (8 yrs ago)
Hello, I would also strongly suggest you use TRADEWINDS. I have used them for over 16 years and during that period they have probably moved my office and home around 6 times. Steve and his team do an amazing job. Their website is: www.tradewindstransport.com

I can also tell you that you will get great value for your money!

Peds (8 yrs ago)
Had availed of their service just today, and did i mention that i also scheduled it just a couple of hours before the pickup time,. WOW talk about reliability. Fast, Efficient, Great Service and value for your money. to top it up steve and his crew were very accommodating and friendly. makes you wanting to avail again of their service. Thanks again guys!

ndrpggr (7 yrs ago)

I moved my stuff with Trade Winds 2 weeks ago: Steve and his crew were efficient and nice and everything went smoothly.

I checked the prices of 4 other movers and there was few difference. Trade wings price is average but doesn't overcharge for stairs and other little extra as others do (and you don't really know if they'll add something as a suprise).

Storage fees are the lowest and overall I think it was a better deal with a no-surprise price tag.

In addition, Steve is a nice guy, gives better service and speaks English better than I do :) (as it's not my mothertongue).

He's storing my furniture for at least 2 months so I'll tell you later if everything will go as smoothly for the second part of the job!

silviam (7 yrs ago)
Dear all,

I moved flat in June 2010 with Trade Winds in HK and the service was great at a good price. I recommend them. I found Steve a very nice guy efficient and problem solving. He personally came and supervised everything. I was very happy.

snehe (7 yrs ago)
Dear all,

I have recently used the service of a moving company, for moving furnitures and boxes fits in a van. I found them honest, helpful and inexpansive also with good English and Cantonese. Highly recommend them.

Contact Rana at 61529495.



erict (7 yrs ago)
Recently used Tradewinds and was very happy with their service. I had been let down by an earlier request for a van from some other man and had to move quickly. Steve was flexible and prices fair and transparent.

Haarsh (7 yrs ago)
Hello Movers,

I have started my moving co. two years ago under the name of Harsh Moving co.

I have been helping people for small and medium moves within Hong Kong. I can provide man & van facility according to your needs. My moto is to serve people carefully and honestly in reasonable prices. I can communicate in good English as well as Cantonese.

I have always try to handle your stuff very delicately.

Just call me at : 61529495 for moving assistance.



joeis8salt (7 yrs ago)
LOL.. sorry to take a jab, you do realize that you named your company after an adjective that is... opposite of smooth....

rockey1 (7 yrs ago)
Hi, I had used the service of Harsh moving co. just last week and they handled everything very smoothly. Their job was great and appreciable. I have compared their prices with other ten moving companies. They are the least one. Highly recomnd them. You can contact them at 61529495.

xa4 (7 yrs ago)
Good one: what day follows 31 March... ???!!! :-D

bigbig (7 yrs ago)
we just used Tradewinds for our move and are very happy with their service. They are on time, did a good job packing, moving and unpacking, very helpful even when the big cabinet is difficult to dissemble. Price is also very competitive (I got quotes from several companies)

snehe (6 yrs ago)
Can contact this person at: 23567496, good service. I have used 2 times for moving my furnitures and boxes. Reasonable and reliable.

rockey1 (6 yrs ago)
Hi all,

Last week I have used the service of Harsh Moving Co. for moving my furnitures.

Along with Man and Van facility, they also provides me Storage facility as well as handyman facility. They told me that they own a warehouse for storage. Can contact them at: 23580722, 61529495.

koala226 (6 yrs ago)
I've gotta be honest here.Good news first. They charged us very little for a lot of work and a lot of manpower. Steve is a nice guy and the crew work very hard. But if you are a very specific person on how you want things done, or, you have very high standards, I suggest you hire Crown or Santa Fe, the big guys. They are professional by ten folds.

butternut10 (6 yrs ago)
I just moved to my new apartment on Caine road over the weekend with Trade Winds. I got to say that Steve is one of the nicest person you will meet. Steve and his team of 2 guys made the move a breeze. They are friendly and efficient. His rate is very fair, all the crew speaks English and they do a great job, i would use them again and highly recommend them.

dashley (6 yrs ago)
Just experienced Haarsh. They were brutal and they lie! Avoid this company! You'll thank me later.

dashley (6 yrs ago)
Just experienced Haarsh. They were brutal and they lie! Avoid this company! You'll thank me later.

HKExpatMover (5 yrs ago)
Used Trade Winds last week and was very impressed with Steve and his team. He came with 3 guys, supervised, but also rolled up his sleeves to move all my stuff. The quote he gave me over the phone was EXACTLY what he charged and made this move easy, BREEZY. Highly recommend Steve Dressler and Trade Winds. If you need gweilo movers (and I do-- I do not speak a lick of Chinese), this is the guy.

shk8 (5 yrs ago)
whatever you do, don't bother with tradewinds!!! They wouldn't even bother to give me a quote. They say "no job is too small" but that is complete rubbish. I have a good size job with a 2500 sq ft house move and because I live on the south side of HK Island I was "too far away" Steve kept referring to the "fabulous" Maria who would get back to me "immediately" and was "so surprised" when I still did not have a response over a week later. I sent him a text asking him again for a quote, and about a week later had to follow up with Maria, who told me that none of them were interested in coming out to give me a quote and they were completely uninterested in my business!!! Makes you wonder what happens when they actually do take a job...

loninhk (5 yrs ago)
I used Trade Winds in May to move. I thought Steve was great, very easy to deal with and helped get the job done. The only thing I would recommend is to get a detailed list of charges before the move. I was told about the cost of moving supplies and their hourly rates. However an additional truck was required, which was an additional fee, and the movers also worked after 8 pm, which was an additional fee, neither fee was mentioned until payment was owed. I sent several requests for a receipt, and still haven't received one, nor am I getting a response to any prior inquires. The movers did a good job, just need to check all the costs before moving, and make sure you have all you need before the job is done, otherwise you may not get a response.

gihund (5 yrs ago)
Hi, could I get Tradewind contact number? Planning a move, but slightly complicated logistics.. Need to pick up from two places, swap a mattress along the eay then deliver to one location. Hearing the good reviews, I'd like to have a chat with that fella and see if he can help.

I tried the website it doesn't get me anywhere.



dannyma (5 yrs ago)
Hi, need a mover for a sofa job. Called allen the mover but the number is out. Any one to recommend?

mundo (5 yrs ago)
dannyma, call Eric on 64636832. Cheap, quick and easy!

Red_wine (5 yrs ago)
Can someone help me out finding a mover urgently as we plan to move coming Sunday from Mid level to Causeway bay. Thanx.

JJChan (5 yrs ago)
shk8 I had a similar experience as you with the very same company - I was not very impressed with them. I used Allied Pickfords in the end and on the whole thought they were very good. Price wise very competitive and the actual move itself was very well co-ordinated. They moved 3,000 sq ft in one day. It was a big job but as we wanted it done in one day they made sure there were tons of staff - on the whole a very good job.

Ed (5 yrs ago)

nitasuzanne (5 yrs ago)
Brilliant service: I've been in HK for 6 weeks. A friend referred Simon- he and his team exceeded my expectations. I needed 2 large expensive leather sofas moved from Mid-Levels to Gold Coast ( 26th floor ). His price was HALF that of Tradewinds whom many people have recommended on this forum. Simon's two man team wrapped both sofas in protective blankets etc and managed to take them down the owner's stairwell ( 5 floors ) . Upon arrival at my apartment, they attached the legs, helped me find the best spot for the L shape and even took away a gaudy cabinet for me, free of charge. I'm delighted to recommend him. Ph 69089063. Sry, I have no idea of his surname?! Suzanne

Romybless (5 yrs ago)
Try KMP Relocations at 95289058. Great guys with very cheap and experienced.

Danial1234 (4 yrs ago)
Hi guys i am looking for good moving service , i have plan to move for wan chai to tung chung, please recommend me cheap and responsible movers, thank very one

org (2 yrs ago)
Call Ringo at - 98584004 for reasonable and good service.

yesyes2015 (2 yrs ago)
We move yachts and very large stuffs for constructors.

jjsg (22 mths ago)

We too used Trade Winds and there were fabulous. Julie F

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