Posted by ahallusa 12 mths ago
A southeast asian woman is working as an office manager in a foreign firm with regional offices. Unbelievable, she requested free custom sample. I really want to tell her even she goes to the shops in the street, they cannot offer free of charge samples. I do not understand why many people are like that in main commercial locations, they expect and do business like that. They are unwilling to pay but requesting free of charge professional services in business ? I mean even in UK or US, they can't expect free of charge custom made samples ! How could they expect this free offer in this city ? I really hope those expats hire the right employees and they do not expect free of charge services in business !


ahallusa 12 mths ago
I spoke with a friend who works in jewelry business. He told me the local jewelry firms are cheapskates. They want cheap prices of diamonds then sell them in high prices. It is a joke ! People paid high then they deserve high quality stuffs. I want to use 1 dollar to buy a diamond !

Many jewelry factories are in China, people like to use cheap materials ! When I spoke with a local girl (studied in Canada) working in jewelry firm, she said my boss is a traditional Chinese then I asked 'Does it mean that he likes to buy and use cheap price materials ?'

A joke of today !

ahallusa 11 mths ago
I did not feel like I was born in Hong Kong since 1997. Why ? The expats sites have not accepted FREEDOM OF SPEED. :) The editors only accept what they like to read.

londongrime 11 mths ago
Yawn, boring...

ahallusa 11 mths ago
Wow wow wow.....a famous pr firm use the cheap quality suppliers for luxury brands!!! The wording seems good for themselves at the site but in reality, you can't believe the firm use the cheapest quality stuffs for luxury brands' and events but they charge high prices and billing to the luxury brand clients ?????? It seems the PR group of women are sharks with the name in media !

Can they really be professional marketing and production consultants for luxury brands'? LOL....It's unbelievable when we knew about this !

It's ran by a famous rich man's daughter in Hong Kong!! What a joke when those luxury brands owners would select it's services !

ahallusa 11 mths ago
I met two Chinese women last night. One is local, one is from mainland China who used to live in NYC. They told me they are working at a global marketing agency firm but they have never heard of communication design when I mentioned.

Is it a joke or I could say that there are many fake consultants or at least incompetent ? There are many people who are overstaying their positions!

ahallusa 11 mths ago
A lot of people don't understand how China could inform the airlines changed Taiwan to Taiwan, China without an international agreement.

londongrime 11 mths ago
yawn. are these meant to be jokes or just shitty anecdotes?

ahallusa 11 mths ago

ahallusa 11 mths ago
When I read the news about a vice-chairwoman of the Basic Law Committee said there was not enough evidence to prosecute separatist party leader Andy Chan Ho-tin for sedition as spelled out in the Crimes Ordinance, rejecting the recommendation of a top mainland Chinese official.

Hong Kong needs independent thinking. Why separatist leader Andy Chan should be charged under current Hong Kong law ? People should fight for democracy.

I understood the trade wars most likely against China's trade deals. If Andy suggested that Trump should separate the trade punishment in between Hong Kong and China. It is fair. Hong Kong business people need to pay taxes when they send the goods to mainland China, China government requires taxes.

Hong Kong business people need to pay higher taxes like the foreigners when they do business in mainland China. What is the difference in between a foreigner, a HK person and a main-land Chinese ? The CEO of Hong Kong has British passport ? Why many richest people have the overseas passports if they love China ?

ahallusa 10 mths ago
Palmarius is a dead trademark in USA but a Hong Kong billionaire Ken Kwok could copy and use it in Hong Kong as a logo of products and sell them to stupid consumers !

Unbelievable !!!! It is a fake commonly. We wondered he is lying about a brand with a dead mark. It's not an original creation mark. In media, Those reporters reported this married couple nicely but how many people would know about this ?!

We could not believe why those audiences believe his wife's Lynn Hung blah blah blah in media regarding to her own goddess sports brand . In fact, she purchased the cheap goods made in mainland China with a crappy wording logo but she wanted to sell the products like top sports brands' prices ? LOL ! She is a really Chinese actress from China !!

They are selling cheap quality stuffs to the buyers !!


ahallusa 10 mths ago
Hong Kong businesswoman loses record US$23 million in love scam ! Unbelievable. There is such a smart business woman in Hong Kong. Many people say it's a joke or a scam?

ahallusa 10 mths ago
There is the most cheapest quality printing firm with HK Stock Code, which is interesting in business with the knowledge of IP. They would accept anything and print any files even if you give them anything with trademarks.

They do not even check it out if they should accept the orders. I give you a good example : if you ask them to print a Chanel logo, they would print without checking it beforehand IF they are authorized to print. They only care for money and orders for it's shares in HKEX without the knowledge of intelligent property. They print them in China ! To save the cost of printing then you will have huge loss with your trademark if you use it's cheapest and non-professional service.

What a joke !

ahallusa 10 mths ago
These day Richest Li bought his own stocks with 6 billions of dollars. Guessed he just wanted to get his group's stocks with the stock price and then the stock price will be increased a little bit and attract the investors to buy his stocks again then he will earn more. Which means, this type of business strategy is boring for investors.

LOL !!

ahallusa 10 mths ago
A hotel group O_ _ _ _ Hotels Group in HK, the staffs of procurement dept require suppliers' services and products, they always ask for the payment terms is 30 days AMS or they could settle the payment after 5-7 working days once the suppliers delivered the products to the hotels.

I guessed they have no idea what is investment terms. I really wanted to ask them 'Can the guests stayed in the hotels then they settled the payment after 5-7 days when they leave ?

They seek suppliers to invest their business when suppliers could accept their terms, I guessed they seek suppliers like investors then they should give shares rather than asking unreasonable payment terms !! It's a joke !

Top best hotels in Australia ? OMG ! How could people rank it ? :)

ahallusa 10 mths ago
I looked at a business card of HR Tech International, the company got HR Recruitment awards 2018 ? LOL !

The logo looks like a person cutting the neck on the card. It looks really weird ! It does not match the logo of website and it has no knowledge of IP ! Do not talk about award winning, when we talk about branding and communications, the staffs have no idea of it !

We wondered how could the firm get the awards ! ???

It is a joke !

ahallusa 10 mths ago
LOL !!! Can you tell what an official government's website - ? Even their government staffs and IT consultants copied others' artworks.

People know what is right and wrong. Hong Kong Immigration Department SHOULD take ACTIONS against ?

Can a government department sue another government department ? I wish Ms Cheng will catch up the issues when those governors and agencies do not follow the laws of IP in Hong Kong and International.

Unbelievable ! They have their own skills for themselves !!!!!!!

ahallusa 9 mths ago
A local marketing agency mentioned that 'We transform traditional ads to digital word-of-mouth impact via our network of influencers, maximising brand authenticity.' LOL

They expect professional designers to show them the design before making a payment ! LOL What a joke. I wondered their executives' professional skill in business with all bullshit !!!

Bluewaterppol 5 mths ago
I found this owner of this company "Central Business Information Ltd." represented itself greatly !

When I read the content :

"With the rapid development of technology, the business information industry has seen many changes in the past few decades. Central Business Information Limited (CBI) has kept up with these changes and expanded its services to help clients from different industries.

“Our primary role is to deliver a full range of accurate business information in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner,” said Ray Chan, the founder and president of CBI.

“From prints to microfilm, digital to internet, manually writing data to cloud platforms, the business information industry has transformed itself in the past 20 years,” Chan said. “However, things like identity verification, site verification, and due diligence are becoming more important.”

CBI has developed its own network and services with research covering 213 countries, aided by overseas partners.." on it's business site and I also read the website of The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce -

I could not believe that how could Central Business Information Ltd. represent the business with the staffs themselves as a professional firm in pubic :

1. The connection of the site is not secure

2. Copyright © 2014 Central Business Information Limited. All rights reserved. on the site. They have not updated the information in IT, legal and copyright section !

3. Non professional skills from prints to microfilm, digital to internet

4. Local admin staffs need to improve their English language skills rather than providing poor communication skills in business.

Interesting !!

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