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A southeast asian woman is working as an office manager in a foreign firm with regional offices. Unbelievable, she requested free custom sample. I really want to tell her even she goes to the shops in the street, they cannot offer free of charge samples. I do not understand why many people are like that in main commercial locations, they expect and do business like that. They are unwilling to pay but requesting free of charge professional services in business ? I mean even in UK or US, they can't expect free of charge custom made samples ! How could they expect this free offer in this city ? I really hope those expats hire the right employees and they do not expect free of charge services in business !


ahallusa (22 days ago)
I spoke with a friend who works in jewelry business. He told me the local jewelry firms are cheapskates. They want cheap prices of diamonds then sell them in high prices. It is a joke ! People paid high then they deserve high quality stuffs. I want to use 1 dollar to buy a diamond !

Many jewelry factories are in China, people like to use cheap materials ! When I spoke with a local girl (studied in Canada) working in jewelry firm, she said my boss is a traditional Chinese then I asked 'Does it mean that he likes to buy and use cheap price materials ?'

A joke of today !

ahallusa (17 days ago)
I did not feel like I was born in Hong Kong since 1997. Why ? The expats sites have not accepted FREEDOM OF SPEED. :) The editors only accept what they like to read.

londongrime (16 days ago)
Yawn, boring...

ahallusa (12 days ago)
Wow wow wow.....a famous pr firm use the cheap quality suppliers for luxury brands!!! The wording seems good for themselves at the site but in reality, you can't believe the firm use the cheapest quality stuffs for luxury brands' and events but they charge high prices and billing to the luxury brand clients ?????? It seems the PR group of women are sharks with the name in media !

Can they really be professional marketing and production consultants for luxury brands'? LOL....It's unbelievable when we knew about this !

It's ran by a famous rich man's daughter in Hong Kong!! What a joke when those luxury brands owners would select it's services !

ahallusa (10 days ago)
I met two Chinese women last night. One is local, one is from mainland China who used to live in NYC. They told me they are working at a global marketing agency firm but they have never heard of communication design when I mentioned.

Is it a joke or I could say that there are many fake consultants or at least incompetent ? There are many people who are overstaying their positions!

ahallusa (10 days ago)
A lot of people don't understand how China could inform the airlines changed Taiwan to Taiwan, China without an international agreement.

londongrime (10 days ago)
yawn. are these meant to be jokes or just shitty anecdotes?

ahallusa (10 days ago)

ahallusa (2 days ago)
When I read the news about a vice-chairwoman of the Basic Law Committee said there was not enough evidence to prosecute separatist party leader Andy Chan Ho-tin for sedition as spelled out in the Crimes Ordinance, rejecting the recommendation of a top mainland Chinese official.

Hong Kong needs independent thinking. Why separatist leader Andy Chan should be charged under current Hong Kong law ? People should fight for democracy.

I understood the trade wars most likely against China's trade deals. If Andy suggested that Trump should separate the trade punishment in between Hong Kong and China. It is fair. Hong Kong business people need to pay taxes when they send the goods to mainland China, China government requires taxes.

Hong Kong business people need to pay higher taxes like the foreigners when they do business in mainland China. What is the difference in between a foreigner, a HK person and a main-land Chinese ? The CEO of Hong Kong has British passport ? Why many richest people have the overseas passports if they love China ?

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