Is Hong Kong Tap Water safe to drink?



Posted by jackichan111 51 days ago

I was wondering if anyone has looked into this properly. I know most Chinese locals just boil the water and consider it safe to drink.
I've tried Brita filters also but the water quality doesn't taste good. I moved to a old-style building in North Point and after a while (6+ months), I noticed that I had really bad skin (irritable, redness, and little bumps all over) and hay-like hair - I just attributed it to allergy symptoms due to the poor air quality of the neighborhood.

Since moving in with my boyfriend more than a year ago, I've been exclusively drinking bottled Volvic. My skin has never looked this good since moving to HK 4 years ago. He was away for a week for work and I went back to drinking tap, and within the week, my skin became irritable, and bumpy. Now I wonder if it really is the water that's causing this. Is HK water safe?

I'm looking for mineral balance and more importantly absence of heavy metals, chlorine and other chemicals that may be artificially added to treat the water.

Many thanks!


bananaq 51 days ago
Take note that the water from the tap are coming from china and via a river. if you are aware that china make their river and lakes their dumpsite then suggest stop drinking direct from the tap.

Ed 51 days ago
According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, water filters can do more than just get rid of chemical substances in your drinking water.

They can also improve flavor and smell. However, no filter can get rid of 100 percent of the impurities found in your tap water and they are only meant to be used with water that is already safe to drink.

One can only imagine what is in the water in China given the lack of environmental regulations across the border... and without a doubt ... some nasty stuff is going to get past even the best filter

jackichan111 45 days ago
Oh man, this is worrying. I just feel so bad about all the plastic bottles I'm buying. I heard that HK don't actually have a great recycling facility / program.

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