Looking for Tesla Parts



POSTED BY glennh (13 mths ago)
This may not be the right spot to put this and delete/ move if not allowed.
I'm in Australia and looking to buy some Tesla parts to go into a old Jag i'm doing up to convert to 100% electric.
I have found one car for wrecking in Australia that is as expensive as poison and then, I was speaking with a mate of mine who said there are heaps of Teslas in Hong Kong. so maybe there are some parts i can buy in Hong Kong and ship over. I have searched online for 'vehicle wreckers + Hong Kong' and emailed several but havent had any replies.

Could someone please help me find somewhere that speaks English and who sells Teslas parts. I've read you get some government documents when a car is wrecked and i'm hoping there are some Teslas around i can buy parts for that havent been melted down.


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