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POSTED BY Ms Hopeful (5 yrs ago)
does anyone know where I can repair imitation jewellery in Hkg? I need to fix some stones that have fallen off!


&&& (5 yrs ago)
I've found a superb Jewellry Repair Man who is:

- In Central - 9095-3022. 2544-2462 Wellington Street (I ususally go from Queens Rd C, escalator up to Stanley St. See the famous corner Herbalist shop, go from there to Wellington Street.

- The entrance to his small building is right next to a supermarket. What you're going to is his workshop.

- If you go past the Fruit sellers, you have gone too far. If lost, he can come down to meet you.


- Owns his own workshop at the back of the store - cuts out the middleman.

- Comes from a craftman's background. So, he knows about alloys and crafting.

- An artist and is open-minded to ideas from customers. He even works on silver jewellry which most jewellers scorn..

- He welcomes challenging designs which many jewellery store owners don't welcome or charge an arm and a leg for.

- Caters to OL (office ladies. I love this term acquired in HK !) crowd so prices are reasonable. Do not splash your wealthy persona as I want him to think everyone of my friends are middle class with a mortgage.

- Does not entertain bargaining. At least I was unsuccessful in huge margin discounts. He will be short and blunt. He is impatient with nickel and dime shoppers.

- Italian Gold Chain to re-dipped to mint condition

- Diamond Ring - to thoroughly clean to mint condition, check diamond pre and post cleaning (free). - - RE-gold plating a 18K ring : From $300 upwards depending on size and material.

- Diamond Ring or plain gold ring - just cleaning in Hi Alkaline solution, free.

- His store is being used by many jewellery stores in HK for light repairs. Many diamond merchants sends to his workshop behind the store to dismount a diamond enroute to get that GIA certificate - they take the ring to him for removal from setting. I have this activity at his shop many times.


I had an Omega diamond antique watch which DIED a long time ago. Omega agent quoted me @ minium $3000 to repair the inside as it has to be shipped to Switzerland for "lack of spare parts". Mr Tam took it to a small watch repair vendor for under $300. (of course I will not be stupid to tell him how Omega tried to rip me off).

Mr Tam enlarged a large silver ring (2 sizes) for $100-150. Few jeweller wants to handle silver jewellery items esp when they know they will have to charge you a high minimum as they need to pay the craftmen.

My friend lost 1 cufflink. He copied the exact same one.

He copied my favorite brooch bought in Saks for a very reasonable price in silver, gold plated it in gold.

Note :

- Not to tell him he is inexpensive. Thus spoiling it for everyone, me included.

One flaw with Mr Tam

- Being an artist himself, and not a business man, he can be quite blunt. If you are used to having "your shoes shined", don't expect it from him. You have been warned.

I am not working for him, but cannot recommend him high enough.

Ms Hopeful (5 yrs ago)
Thankyou for your reply with your detailed experience. Much appeciated!

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