Kefir Grians



POSTED BY missdawoo (49 days ago)
I am looking for kefir grains, anyone has some to share/for sale? Any leads would be much appreciated.


okuko (48 days ago)
join "fermenting hong kong" group on facebook, many people have kefir to share

missdawoo (47 days ago)
WOW. Just did! Thank you SO much!!!

Yuzy (12 days ago)
I have lots of kefir grains, kombucha scooby, water kefir, viili cultures to share. Also some wild sourdough yeasts. I use only organic milk and organic raw sugars.

add me to whats app or can text me @ nine016 8eight55

missdawoo (7 days ago)
Great! Will do thank you so much YUZY

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