How to tame a shopaholic wife?



Posted by unhappyhusband 10 mths ago
My Filipina wife whom I have met during my visit in the Philippines is very shopaholic. This is one thing I hate about her. She’s caring and very affectionate. She takes care of me and loves to feed me. Only her shopping behavior I’ve been really hating the most since. I don’t even know how to deal with her sometimes. She loves to go abroad just to buy bags, shoes, clothes and more. She loves a foreign stuff; so that explains why. How do I tame her?


PaulHK1988 10 mths ago
Have you ever spoken to her about it? Maybe give her a certain amount of pocket money each month, Make sure she isn’t spending outside your means?

Hope there isn’t another partner overseas or if she’s selling the goods she buys elsewhere.

francis_3 10 mths ago
Don't give her money or if you like to give just a minimum amount for her to spend. Don't give all the pleasure to her. She has to earn it before you buy her expensive shoes, bags, and travel tickets.

bananaq 10 mths ago
probably she is bored. sent her back to Philippines and bought a farm and let her manage it.

killerb000 10 mths ago
Have you ever question why she married you? When you said "She’s caring and very affectionate. She takes care of me and loves to feed me." I think my helper did the same when I was young (minus the affectionate), but I didn't marry her. Not trying to be mean, but what you perceive as love and marriage could be what she would be doing as a helper except she got expensive bags and shopping out of it instead. Good luck bro.

20471120 9 mths ago
She needs therapy. You can’t stop her by your own but therapist

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