advice pls.. my husband wants a divorce after almost 20 years of marriage



Posted by hayhay 23 mths ago
this is going to be our 20 years anniversay, he suddendly wanted a divorce! it was shocked to me. we have 2 kids. anyone can recommend a good lawyer pls?


D_S 23 mths ago
I used Gall. Very good law firm and offer honest advice.

Baap 23 mths ago
Why not try to sort it out, instead of looking immediately for cash?

hayhay 23 mths ago
we did try, and he still insist to end our marriage. for me it is totally not easy to make this decision... i realized that there is something that out of my control.

JennyTalia 23 mths ago
Have a look at this website:

JennyTalia 22 mths ago
Hmmm ! Did she "make up", or are we looking for a "Runaway Wife" - or worse yet, a corpse yet to be found??

I really hate to be left waiting for an "interesting thread" to be concluded !

JennyTalia 20 mths ago
Well, after THREE months of waiting around for the denouement, I suppose that "HAYHAY" has been turned into a "Straw Woman" & been "baled out" by her errant husband - never to be heard of again (Either of them).

Or will the saga resume again - much later?

Pretty disgusting that he has dumped his wife - presumably for a younger model !

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