Sex Therapist in Hong Kong?



POSTED BY Blackcanary78 (2 yrs ago)
Can anyone help to recommend a good sex therapist in HK for couples? Preferably with proper qualifications and a decent amount of experience.

A friend suggested Nikki Green but understand she's no longer in HK... Any other ideas?



Blackcanary78 (2 yrs ago)
Didn't get much help here, but In case anyone else is looking for a sex therapist, we've started seeing Cynthia Ho. So far, so good....

Duracelll (24 mths ago)
What? You don't get enough sex after marriage? Join the club... :(

FISHERmen (21 mths ago)
Fresh married and im soffering :(

sarah jane jj (20 mths ago)
Nikki was working with Skype I will contact her and find out for you
Btw she's a friend of mine

kylcheung124 (13 mths ago)
We are currently seeing Dr. Iwaya. You can shoot her an email at for enquiry.

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