She'll get married soon and I got invited.



Posted by sadexbf79 11 mths ago
My ex who is also my best friend is getting married two weeks from now and I got an invitation from her. I’m having second thoughts on going since our break up did not turn out well. We broke up five months ago but I’m still stuck in the rock bottom of pain. She is getting married with the man who works at a foreign restaurant in our city and whom she cheated me on with. I know I should be happy for them and I’m trying to be. Should I come? If I should, what would I say? I don’t think saying “Congratulations, I’m happy for the both of you” will do good for me. I’m just lying to myself if I come and say that.


WWcC 10 mths ago
No don't go! Be Polite and thank her for the invite but let her know that you dont think its appropriate, being so soon since your breakup. Seems weird to me to marry someone 5 months after breaking up (expect she's been cheating for a long time before the breakup!), but each to their own though!! Personally I would not go as would not wish to put myself into such an uncomfortable position. You may feel awkward there and besides if you still feel the pain of the breakup, this will be even more hurtful.

I dont understand why you want to be friends with someone who cheated on you. This is not my definition of a 'friend'! I think this should have read "My ex who was also my best friend......" Use the day instead to look after yourself and make a mental note she has moved on with her life and you must do the same. I believe there will be something better waiting for you, who will respect you and be a proper friend to you.

Good luck with your decision!

Tropics 10 mths ago
Def don't go.

Not for your sake but for theirs. It's inappropriate that you're there and it'll distract from their big day.

I went to a ''serious ex's'' wedding and it was a mistake.

ahallusa 10 mths ago
Don't go if you won't be happy. It sounds sarcasm. I will send her the greeting card 'You wanna fxxx again?' She is an ex, not existing. Move on, take it easy. Don't think about it.

PaulHK1988 10 mths ago
Show up at the wedding and remind that guy that he’s doing your trash- show him who’s the boss... happily ever after

francis_3 10 mths ago
Don't go man, your just hitting your head with a stone

killerb000 10 mths ago
Don't go! As Russell Peters would say "Be a man, do the right thing". Unless you have remaining financial or social ties with her, just rip it off like a band-aid and move on. You will be much happier that way and you won't regret it. Showing up would just remind you of your pain and/or how much you despise her. Good luck!

AHALLUSA suggestion was great! haha

kk888 10 mths ago
2 thing Possible:

You gotta listen yourself
Be brave enough go show your handsome face and Alot of smile: NOT SAD face:-
go Wish her Congrat them and leave, don't bother waiting...
Which take alot of guts and Will-Power

2. if she invited you mean it you are in touch with her or she isn't over you,
Block her
don't go , Move on Be happy with others
there are plenty fish out there:-

My suggesting: Don't go cuz you won't able to handle your nerves or smile alot since you are still stuck in the rock bottom of pain. so don't bother
it Require Confidence/gutsy person to go to give best smile, and not everyone can do it:-)

and it is possible
you might be gossip of the wedding
what kind of idiots who come to wedding.- or her husband to be might be angry!

nom 10 mths ago
Have self respect! Don't go.

20471120 9 mths ago
Don’t go. It will break your heart even more.

PsychopathTacoSauce 9 mths ago
Tell her you will be going to her wedding, not this one but the next.

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