On a Baby's First Steps

Posted by Ed 13 mths ago
By Vanessa LoBue Ph.D. on June 03, 2019 in The Baby Scientist

Parents often anticipate that magical moment when their babies take their first steps. Here's how crawling and walking changes the world for babies and for parents.

Last month, my 14-month-old son Charlie did what a lot of babies his age typically do—he started walking. For most new parents, watching babies take their very first steps is an exciting new milestone. Indeed, independent locomotion is an important achievement, as it allows babies to move away from the confines of their parents’ arms and explore new places, find new things, and engage with new people, thereby opening up brand new possibilities for learning.

But, while motor milestones bring new possibilities for babies, they can also come with some growing pains for parents. And those growing pains may start well before babies take their first steps.


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Ed 13 mths ago

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