Pregnancy is the ultimate endurance test

Posted by Ed 13 mths ago
You can keep your Tour de France or your Arctic treks, growing and pushing out a human is the hardest work a person can do
 When Harry spoke to the press in his dazed and delighted way after Meghan had given birth, he said: “How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension.” I guess he meant labour, childbirth, that everyday agony and ecstasy that is part of women’s lives. How do we do that?
After months of feeling not too grand while exposed to every myth going and being told what to eat, wear and how to behave, we have to get the baby out somehow. It’s what we do.

Some women love being pregnant, some really don’t. Some sail through feeling mostly normal; others are sick, exhausted, permanently worried and just want it to end. Being pregnant is an ordinary thing that happens to women and yet it is absolutely extraordinary.
Few tell the whole truth about it, as so often we are told to enjoy what is the most dangerous and precarious rollercoaster we will ever get on. 

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