IVF in Bangkok

Posted by MeganD123 17 mths ago
Hi everyone!!

Have anyone try to do the IVF in Bangkok? I'm Megan and I have a little boy which is our first round resulted in our 2 yr old son. I am very happy I went to First Fertility in Bangkok 2.5 years ago. Wonderful experience and the team was taken very well care of me. I'm planning to do the second round soon with them!!
I like the clinic because is very clean, they have own labs and professional doctors and nurses, they can speak very well in English. At first I was contacted the Sales Manager who is bases in HK. She is very professional, patient and very responsive. And then she had added me in the group together with her team mates in Bangkok to follow me from the beginning until end of the journey which is very useful for me.
I can ask them anytime questions or update my status to them. When I first went there I was made a little trip in Bangkok and visit their clinic in person, and combined like a little holidays. Not bad idea:) If anyone is planning to do it in Bangkok and want to know more details of my clinic. I'm happy to share. PM me. :)

We will see how it goes I guess! Fingers crossed for everyone!!

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Thjames 13 mths ago
Hi. I'd appreciate if you could share more in a private message. How can I contact you?

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