Parents who make their babies vegan could be causing lasting harm

Posted by Ed 21 mths ago 
To the parents of fussy eaters, the idea of a child who begs for broccoli and happily tucks into a pile of beans, pulses and tofu sounds like an impossible dream. Surely, such a child does not exist?

Well, he does. According to the Daily Mail, one-year-old Dylan Bammeke's favourite meal is dahl curry with rice or sweet potato mash, and you'll never see him pulling a "yuck" face when given a veggie stir-fry.

Dylan eats this way because it's all he has ever known. He may not be old enough to pronounce the word "vegan" - but he is one. Toddler staples such as chicken nuggets, fish fingers or boiled egg and soldiers have never made their way on to his plate.

Dylan's mother, Layla, admits her decision to feed her son a plant-based diet has raised eyebrows. Is it morally right, or even healthy, to enforce such a strict eating regime on a growing child, many ask.

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