Do Masks Impair Cognitive Development in the Fetus?

Posted by Ed 38 days ago
Children Born During Pandemic Score Lower on Cognitive Tests, Study Finds
A study of 672 children from Rhode Island that has run since 2011, showed children born after the start of the pandemic had an average IQ score of 78 — a drop of 22 points from the average of previous cohorts. 
Is this Caused by Wearing Masks? 

A person wearing any kind of mask faces breathing resistance as air filters through the device, making the wearer work harder to inhale than he would without the mask.

This can have several adverse physiological effects when the mask is worn for long periods of time. Moreover, carbon dioxide that is exhaled can get trapped in the chamber of the mask the re-enter the body each time the mask user inhales. This delivers less oxygen into the body than when the person is not wearing a mask.

“It can lead to oxygen shortage, suffocation, respiration trouble, and heart attacks,” said Dr D Saha, scientist and additional director at the Central Pollution Control Board. 

Our results suggest that pregnant women may experience more fatigue and require more rest breaks from mask use. Scheduled work breaks should be considered for pregnant healthcare workers working in high risk areas which require prolonged use of N95 respirators. 
Because pregnancy can alter your lung function, women who are pregnant may have a harder time breathing to begin with. For that reason, it’s important to check in with your healthcare provider before using a particulate respirator. 

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