Parents’ horror over boy, three, sexually groomed by his school

Posted by Ed 21 mths ago

LAST week a mother in Wales contacted a group fighting a compulsory new relationships and sex education programme with a question: Have the lessons started yet?

Her curiosity was fired by the behaviour of her three-year-old son when he returned from pre-school and began to stimulate himself sexually in front of his parents.

‘He’s undressed out of his uniform, and he’s sat down and we’ve caught him doing exactly what the new sex education classes are intending to teach our kids,’ the woman wrote to Public Child Protection (PCP) Wales.

She said she and the boy’s father ‘looked at each other horrified and asked him what he was doing and where he’d learnt that [and] he’s replied, “With my teacher, mam. My teacher says it’s okay to touch down there”.’ 

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