When Spouses Work Together...



Posted by Ed 35 days ago
By choice or not, many spouses work together. Alas, only sometimes does it work.
My wife Barbara Nemko and I have worked together on many projects, notably 30 years as frequent guest on my radio program but also as co-evaluators of projects at UC Berkeley, joint presenters at the Napa County Office of Education, and our two-person stage play, Odd Man Out.
And we’ve not had one fight. Sure, we have disagreements but 95% of the time, they’re resolved with a quick rational exchange and the other 5% of the time, we argue briefly and one of us gives in or we compromise and we move on. No grudges. In the larger picture, we’ve been together for 46 years, married for 43. The following have helped us and I hope might help you:
We acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses. Where possible, we work together on projects in which the tasks come relatively easily to us, for example, where we get to think on our feet. We divide the work to capitalize on our strengths and skirt our weaknesses. For example, on the radio program, we tried having her host it but that didn’t work. Now, we’ve agreed that I’m better at hosting and she is great at reacting.

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