Expat Workers Flood Japan's Ski Resorts



Posted by Ed 34 days ago
TOKYO -- Japan's influx of overseas workers is spreading to rural communities across the country, with foreign nationals accounting for at least 10% of the population in 10 municipalities last year, up from just four in 2013, government data shows.
Topping the list with a 22.7% share was the village of Shimukappu in central Hokkaido, home to the Tomamu ski resort. Tomamu's popularity with overseas tourists has fueled demand for foreign workers at hotels and other facilities. The 10 municipalities nationwide included two other Hokkaido towns, both near the capital city of Sapporo.
Just five years earlier, Hokkaido had no towns over the 10% mark. While Shimukappu still hosted the highest percentage of foreign residents in Hokkaido, the figure then stood at less than 5%.


Ed 34 days ago

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