Recommendations for a diabetes dr



Posted by RD07 49 days ago
Can anyone recommend a diabetes doctor, reasonably priced and effective?



Ed 48 days ago
I've checked with the medical experts at Matilda Hospital and here's some info:

Diabetes is usually being looked after by doctors specialising in internal medicine or endocrinology

A GP can usually refer the patient to a specialist if necessary.

Patient info about diabetes below.

The Patient can also fill in this form, our patient service team can refer a doctor to him and set up the consultation.

Hope that helps!

bananaq 48 days ago
you can heal yourself. im a diabetic and i do keto diet and intermittent fasting and now im ok.

RD07 48 days ago
Thanks for your input!

siwael 20 days ago
No doctor would help you,
Do exercise,
More vegetables
No sugar
Garlic more
More water
APPLE Cidar...

Do this and pray for me...
This is not only good for diabetics, but also you will see significant raise in your sex power.
Finally , dont eat full.. try always be in hungry mode

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