Should You Eat Egg Yolks Every Day?



Posted by Ed 29 days ago
In an earlier article I revealed that one of my weight-maintenance tricks is to eat a whole egg as a morning snack pretty much every single day (hard-boiled or deviled). Eggs keep me feeling full, and the protein keeps my cravings in check.
Plus, the yolks contain most of the nutrients, including vitamin D.
 But I still see "egg white omelets" on menus at popular restaurants, and I'm wondering why some people are still avoiding eating the yolks? I started thinking: "Is it healthy for me to be eating egg yolks every day? Could this actually be a dangerous habit?"

To get an expert opinion, I consulted registered dietitian, Kelly Plowe, M.S., R.D. Here's what she told me:
 "If I were to create a top 10 superfoods list, eggs would hands-down make this list every single time. There is irony in this because for so long the egg was one of the most misunderstood foods (believed at one point to contribute to heart disease), which research has now cleared up.


Ed 29 days ago

Ed 29 days ago
How Much Protein Does 1 Egg Have?
 The amount of protein per egg depends on its size. One large egg has nearly 6.3 grams of protein, while a small egg has 4.77 grams.

bananaq 29 days ago
i ate 4 eggs every morning and im on keto diet. i lost weight my diabetes is cure, my blood pressure is normal now. sometimes you dont need to follow your doctors.

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