Macau : Sex is still for sale

Posted by Ed 15 mths ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) -  Macau, looking to emulate Las Vegas, and change its focus from hard core gambling and prostitution hub, to a family-friendly wonderland, has dropped the ball.
An undercover investigation has revealed that prostitutes are for hire in a number of the major casinos in Macau including the Galaxy Casino where staff were directly involved in brokering sex services.
Many of the popular nightclubs and discos in Macau were also exposed as little more than pick-up joints for men looking to hire prostitutes.    The report identified women from a range of Asian countries, including Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Mongolia, selling sex at various venues across Macau.
The US State Department also identified Macau as a haven for criminals including triad gangs who are believed to be engaging in human trafficking and forced prostitution.  The report indicates that significant numbers of women are being offered jobs working in restaurants in Macau but when they arrive their passports are seized and they are forced to work in the sex trade.
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Ed 12 mths ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) -  Macau Tycoon's Nephew Jailed for Exploitation of Prostitution 
The nephew of Stanley Ho, Alan Ho, is appealing an 8-year prison sentence handed down after being convicted in in November 2019.   Ho was found guilty of 58 counts of exploitation of prostitution at the Lisboa Hotel, Macau.   Ho was also accused of being a member of a secret society in Macau, or triad, but was acquitted. 

Macau Police indicate that USD50,000,000 in fees related to sex for sale changed hands.   

Macau, which now dwarfs Las Vegas in terms of annual betting turnover, continues to struggle with its image as a sleazy, corrupt, gangster-ridden city in spite of efforts to clean up and attract families.  
In addition to many first class restaurants and major entertainment initiatives such as the popular House of Dancing Water show, the city remains unable to transition to a mainstream tourism destination.
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