Macau : Sex for Sale



Posted by Ed 25 days ago
Sex for sale: what happened to Macau casinos’ new family-friendly image?
After a high-profile vice crackdown, Macau was supposed to clean up its act, switching its focus from hardcore gambling towards family-friendly fun
But This Week in Asia finds prostitution rackets operating in some of its most famous locations, suggesting that much is still rotten in this freewheeling city
Just weeks after a major US State Department report criticised Macau for failing to meet “minimum standards” in the battle against human trafficking, an investigation by This Week in Asia has uncovered prostitution rackets operating in properties owned by some of the city’s biggest casinos.
While hundreds of girls are lured to the freewheeling casino hub on the south-western coast of mainland China with the promise of jobs as models or waitresses, many find on arrival that their new jobs are little more than fronts for sex work that takes place behind the curtained veneer of glitzy nightclubs. 

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