What's Up With HK's Harvard Infatuation?


Posted by Ed 2 mths ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) - Why is it that HK people are willing to pay nearly HKD2000 for aHarvard-branded jumper - when they didn't even attend the university!
The Harvard name is synonymous with success, wealth and prestige and wearing clothing from the school taps into similar psychological desires as does wearing a jersey from Juventus, Chelsea, the New York Yankees or the New Zealand All Blacks.
It's all about the desire to be rich and famous --- or at least APPEAR to be associated with the rich and famous.  This is not only a HK phenomenon - it's global.  Although it does seem to be more intense in Hong Kong and across Asia.
It's not really any different than why people slink into the Louis Vuitton shops in Hong Kong and drop tens of thousands of HK on  bags or other luxury apparel that is tastelessly covered in logos that scream 'Look at Me - I am Successful - I am Awesome -- I bet you would like to date/mate with me!!!  Because I offer superior genes!!!' 

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