Are the HK Protesters Making Pipe Bombs?


Posted by Ed 3 mths ago

AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) - So say the HK Police who have now arrested 10 people in connection with a plot to build pipe bombs in a flat in Mongkok district, a hotbed of rebellion in Hong Kong.

Students, a HK kindergarten teacher and an auto-mechanic have been held by the HK police and are suspected of involvement to detonate these explosive devices in Hong Kong.

40 grams of what is believed to be an explosive material were found inside one of the pipes and HK Police Senior Superintendent Chan Tin-chu indicated that these devices were powerful enough to kill.

Apparently the bomb-makers were also smoking marijuana as the police said they found a small amount of the drug (which remains illegal in HK) in the apartment.

So far the HK police have a 100% success rate in terms of catching members of what they are claiming is an extremist movement associated with the HK protest movement.

They have uncovered a number of plots to use firearms and bombs in Hong Kong in recent months.

To date, no guns or bombs have been used by the HK protesters at any of their gatherings.

Let's hope that they continue with their stellar policing record ensuring that this crisis does not escalate to the point where protesters resort to extreme violence and outright attacks on the police using bombs and guns.

Failure could see Hong Kong descend in a situation similar to that of Northern Ireland where rejected political demands result in extremely violent acts against the government of HK.

Such a scenario would have catastrophic consequences for HK tourism and the Hong Kong economy.   


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Ed 3 mths ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) - HK Police Seize Pistol, Ammo - Protesters Arrested
The Hong Kong Police have arrested a protester after raiding an apartment this afternoon finding a pistol and ammunition that are believed to have been airmailed to Hong Kong from and address in the USA.   Police suspect that the weapon was disassembled then posted in pieces to HK to avoid detection.
HK Police stated that they are raiding other locations in the city in connection with this incident. 
Hong Kong Post and the various couriers that service the Hong Kong market deliver many thousands of packages each day.    It is impossible for them to identify every illicit object that passes through their facilities, particularly when the sender is going to great lengths to evade security measures.  
At some point a firearm and ammunition is going to get into the hands of a radical protester.  And when a police officer is targeted, that will be a shot that is heard by would-be tourists around the world.   
Keep your eye on the equity and bond markets if we cross into armed insurrection.
Perhaps the protesters already have a cache of weapons.
For more on this story visit the SCMP

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