Is Arson Behind Australia's Fires or Not?


Posted by Ed 3 mths ago

AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) - The headline's scream 'Debunking the Role of Arson in Australia's Fires' ... 'No Arson Only Climate Change Behind Australia’s Bush Fires'

It's almost as if some people want this disastrous situation to be climate-change-related.

Let's face it, many parts of Australia are dry and hot, and have been that way for a long, long time. And catastrophic fires have been a huge problem in Australia since I can remember.

Yet, without a doubt, this summer's fires are without precedent. The entire country appears to be one gigantic Dante's Inferno.

So why are we witnessing the sudden increase in fires in Australia. Is arson playing a significant role or not?

The best way to answer this question is to go to the actual source, something these headline writers mentioned above seem unwilling to do.

Using Google I was able to ascertain the answer in 0.113 seconds finding complete details about the role of arson in the fires on... drum roll please.... The New South Wales Police website!

Who would have thought it. Not those highly paid journalists and their editors.

Here's a summary:

> 24 people have been charged over deliberately-lighting bushfires

> 53 people have had legal actions for failing to comply with the total fire ban in Australia, and

> 47 people have had legal actions for discarding a lighted cigarette or match on land.

Read the Full Press Release here.


Some might say that the New South Wales police could be fabricating this information. But even suggesting that sounds ridiculous. I even feel ridiculous including that in my story.

But, it is a possibility. They could be inventing these 'arsonists' and being paid by the Australian coal industry to do so. Anything is possible.

In theory, my dog could talk, she just has nothing to say.

Let's assume there are 24 people hell-bent on burning down Australia. And some of those other 47 were actually tossing their butts and matches into the bush on purpose.

These are only the arsonists who have been caught in the act of committing arson.

Australia is a big country. How many more people might be out there who have a beef with the Australian government, are angry with the world or who see this as an opportunity to terrorize a western country? It would be extremely difficult to catch someone who is using arson as a weapon.

How many more are participating in this arson spree - 100? 500? Impossible to know. But where there is smoke there is fire. We know for certain that at least 24 people have been committing arson and fuelling these fires that are raging out of control across Australia.

Considering this situation further, does anyone think that these 24 arsonists were captured in the act the very first time they started a fire? How many fires did each of these criminals spark up before they were caught? This is impossible to know, but odds are, they would have each been behind more than one fire seeing as it is very difficult to catch a person in the act.

Arson or climate change or both - you decide.

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