A HK Police Officer Speaks

Posted by Ed 6 mths ago

AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) -  The HK police force has been accused of being complicit in a triad attack on protesters in Yuen Long some months ago.  And riot police have been attacked by human rights organizations and many Hongkongers for brutalizing protesters.
Now, a police officer has spoken out anonymously providing insights on how the frontline officers feel about the abuse being hurled at them that includes profanity, and Molotov cocktails.
In a related story, I spoke to one police officer off the record recently, and he he told me that he thought that both the government and protest movement were too far apart and that there was not way the situation would be resolved resulting in a positive outcome. 
He was seeking to emigrate, with Taiwan his preferred destination.  He mentioned that 'although police salaries are much lower in Taiwan, the cost of living, particularly housing, is affordable.' 

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Ed 6 mths ago
A HK riot cop has now been arrested.  But it's not what you might expect.
He was caught, along with 8 other people tacking up posters supporting the HK protest movement.
Police officers have family members who are involved in HK protests and many of them understand what the protesters are fighting for - and against. 
The only question is, how many more of them are ready to swap sides.
Read more about this on the LA Times

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