Put Ocean Park Out of Its Misery


Posted by Ed 2 mths ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) -  In 2018, we, the taxpayers, handed HKD310,000 to Ocean Park in a substantial bail-out to the loss-making theme park.
And now, the welfare king of Hong Kong is asking for another a gargantuan 10 billion dollars from us to keep the doors open.   
Year after year after year, according to this SCMP article, Ocean Park losses money.   
And year after year it seems we are on the hook to keep this loser alive. 
Time to cut our losses and put it out of its misery.
Meanwhile Disney, another initiative of the HK government, continues to lose hundreds of millions of HKD per year according to Reuters.
Then we have the Hong Kong Stadium, the mother of all white elephants, which sits vacant except for one weekend out of the entire year.
And meanwhile, people are festering in tiny ramshackle apartments.    If we are going to waste money I can think of quite a few things that beat Disney, Ocean Park and another stadium.

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