HK Bankers Caught Hiking Instead of Working from Home

Posted by Ed 5 mths ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) -  Management trainees working for Hang Seng Bank in Hong Kong who were supposed to have been working from home because of the COVID posted photos of themselves on social media while out for a hike.
The group posted on Instagram with the caption 'The Best WFH Activity' (work from home) with mountains and a HK cityscape in the background.
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Starring Roles in Idiocracy 2.0 
On the positive side, the producers of the upcoming sequel to the smash hit movie 'Idiocracy' have reportedly made contact with these bankers and is offering each of them multi-million dollar contracts to appear in Idiocracy 2.0. 
Social Media consultants have also reached out and invited the bankers to pursue careers paths as 'influencers'    Major brands are already queuing up with offers of USD200,000 or more per Tweet from each of these budding social media superstars.
All's well that ends well.   Congratulations to the Hang Seng Management trainees.  I am sure they will be far more gratified pursuing these new career opportunities.

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