HK's Very Own Marie Antoinette

Posted by Ed 48 days ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong)   Many thousands of people in Hong Kong have lost their jobs because of protests that were sparked by Carrie Lam's ill-advised extradition bill.  
And far more are getting pink slips due to the Wuhan Flu.
Many countries including Australia, New Zealand and Canada are offering significant, ongoing support to their citizens who have lost their jobs because of the flu.    
Hong Kong, a city that in most years runs a very large budget surplus, and has USD450 billion in reserves, is offering a one-off HKD10,000 handout.
Meanwhile, Chief Executive Lam, already one of the highest paid leaders in the world (and she is more of a mayor, or an errand lady, than a 'leader'), is refusing to accede to demands to cancel a raise in her pay packet.
Many corporate chieftains and leaders of countries are not only not raising their salaries, they are taking voluntary pay cuts.
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